Red Cow Hotel Nigeria is a hotel, bar, restaurant and event centre. It is located in Lagos, Nigeria. It is conveniently situated off Badagry Express Road. And accessible and close to Alaba International, Okoko, Iyanera, along the express road, or Ajagbandi, Shibiri, Imude. It is accessible from all parts of Lagos, and easy to reach through any means of transport as all the roads around the environ, from the Badagry Express Road are tarred. And when it comes to security there is no compromise. The hotel maintains a good relationship with Police, and the Army for daily and frequent stop-by patrols. And there are a 24/7 in-house security guards.

The hotel feature daily entertainments to keep customers entertained for free every evening. And there are lots of facilities within the hotel premises. Spacious grounds for any occasion, conferences, birthday party, wedding, engagement party, after work get together, retirement party, going away party, wedding reception, stag party, hen party or corporate party, whatever the occasion. At Red Cow Hotel, we understand how to care for our customers.

It is a home away from home, as you will find within the premises, Car Wash, ATM, Cyber Cafe, Laundry Service, Barbing Salon, Female Salon, Boutique, Gym, Snooker, Shisha Service, Music Studio with a standby producer, Restaurant, Lodging, Bar, etc, and of course mouth watering delicacies such as Suya, Fried Meat/Kpomo, Nkwobi, Cowtail, Chicken Barbecue, Sharwama, Goat Meat Pepper Soup, Turkey Pepper Soup, Chicken Pepper Soup, Fried Rice, Jollof Rice, White Rice, Egusi Soup, Ogbono Soup, Catfish Point & Kill, and many more.