Up Coming Events


When it comes to entertainment this festive period, Red Cow Hotel & Night Club gets you covered.

We have 2 weeks Festive Extravaganza planned for our customers to keep them entertained every day of the festive period.

You will never be bored, so come with friends to enjoy yourselves to the fullest.

We have one of the cheapest lodging arrangements around. Rooms costs from 3500 naira with all the amenities, AC, TV, Fan, Shower, comfort sitting area, and a 6x6 bed.


At Red Cow Hotel & Night Club, there are always activities to keep you entertained.

Below is our scheduled activities for everyday of the week.

We invite you and friends to come and enjoy yourselves daily or on any of the days of your favourite activities.

Now Open

We wish to announce and invite you and everyone to our Night Club and Strippers Nights. You are guaranteed full entertainments.

Girls, be assured that there will be lots of guys to make your visit worthwhile, and Guys, it is happening, it is happening! Just Know what I mean. Be sure to come with friends.

CLUB NIGHTS/LADIES NIGHTS/STRIPPERS NIGHTS: Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays, & Sundays. Get entertained. There is lodging, so no worries.

Live Football And Sport Matches

At Red Cow Hotel, we know how to keep football and sports fans happy. With several big flat screen televisions and a big projector screen (you will feel you are at the stadium), football and sports are televised and watched live. If you are a sport fan, we invite you to come and experience live events with the right crowd and atmosphere.

Sunday All Round Party

At Red Cow Hotel every Sunday is a highly memorable experience. This day, our parties always start early. We have female sexy dancers, live performances, Rappers, comedians, invited artist, and young talented upcoming artists premiering themselves. This is a day never to miss. Come and enjoy with us.

Saturday Live Music

Red Cow Hotel has live music every Saturday. We are inviting you and friends to come and enjoy yourselves. Party starts early. From 2 pm preparation is highly underway.

Ladies Night

Wednesday is our ladies night. Party starts from 6 pm. You are highly invited to experience this eventful evening.